William Oliver

William was born and raised on Lake Palestine in East Texas. He’s been dragging slabs out of inches of water for over 30 years and considers spring time shallow water fishing his passion, but certainly not his only trick.

Over the last decade, William has driven himself to become well versed in the ever-growing electronics movement and strives to grow other individuals in the sport of crappie fishing by sharing his experiences and findings.

Aside from being the southeast regional sales representative for BoneHead Tackle, William is a brand ambassador for Nautical Mile Marine and also runs a successful business where he both guides fishing trips and teaches electronics classes.

His well-rounded approach to targeting crappie, passion to help and grow others, and desire to see the sport itself grow are driving forces for William to get in front of the most eager of crowds!

Mark Standridge

Mark Standridge is a full-time crappie guide, running Three Nails Guide, a popular guide service for the last 3 years. With over 28 years of experience in crappie fishing, he has been blessed to now do what he loves for a living.

Mark has a passion for teaching others about crappie fishing. He is knowledgeable and welcomes answering questions and hearing other’s thoughts on the subject. He is a definite asset to the BoneHead Tackle team.

Tommy Ezell

Tommy Ezell is a native Texan and lives in Rockwall, TX. As the owner of Texas Crappie Guide, he has a passion for the instructional side of teaching others to use their electronics and master presentations using only artificial baits.

As a devoted father to two young sons, Tommy is known for his dedication to promoting the sport of crappie angling to our youth. He is the Jr. Angler Coordinator for Crappie Anglers of Texas and has been very successful winning tournaments on many North Texas lakes.

As an accomplished Texas tournament angler, Tommy has fished most North Texas lakes and has great knowledge of these fisheries which he shares with others. Tommy has earned two biggest stringer of the year awards in Texas as well. Tommy is always willing to help so reach out to him anytime!

Robert Carlile

Robert Carlile is from Pryor, Oklahoma and has lived in NE Oklahoma all his life. As an avid outdoorsman Robert has spent thousands of hours fishing and hunting. In 2017 He dedicated himself to crappie fishing and since has averaged over 200 days a year on the water. Roberts passion has evolved over the last few years from catching lots of fish to focusing on locating quality fish. And as such has become one of the leading tournament anglers in the Crappie Masters Tournament trail. Already in his short tournament career he has managed to win 2 state titles and has several top finishes in National events. He and his partner are in serious contention for the 2019 Team of the Year.

Robert is also a founding member and President of the Oklahoma Crappie Anglers Club. Established this year as a nonprofit organization they have about 100 members and are steadily growing. Their focus is strictly on promoting crappie fishing in Oklahoma and as such are hosting monthly tournaments and providing educational opportunities to their members.

As a tournament angler Robert has had the opportunity to fish some of the best crappie lakes in the country. The experienced gained from all the different areas, conditions and habitats has allowed Robert to develop his ability to approach new waters with confidence and usually with great success. Robert is always looking to meet new anglers and really enjoys showing his techniques to those willing to learn. Honesty and integrity are very important to him and as such he always jokes that you shouldn’t ask him a question that you don’t want an honest answer to.

Josh Jones

Josh has been crappie fishing for 15 years from the waters of Wisconsin down to Southern Texas. He has pioneered the LiveScope craze that has taken the crappie community by storm over the past year. Josh specializes in catching trophy-sized crappie over 2.5 pounds while guiding in the waters of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. One pole fishing is his passion.

Some of his sponsors include: #Boneheadtackle, #Garmin, #Phoenixboats, #TheBassTank, and #BillsMarine.