About Crappie Chat

Crappie Chat is something that has been in the works for years now between a couple of guys who believe that "the good ole' boy's" club is something that is real.

We have been sharing our on-the-water crappie fishing experiences and acquired knowledge using artificial baits with every person that would listen, and we have decided to bring that knowledge to many more friends in a sit down, yet interactive environment!

With a great partner like BoneHead Tackle and Nautical Mile Marine behind us, we can host events where some of the most talented, and above all caring, fishermen in the game are going to spill their (crappie fishing) knowledge on everything from basic seasonal patterns in a given area, to very specific techniques that are nearly never utilized due to the lack of them ever being spoken of.

Crappie Chat has gathered professionals from across the country who are willing to share knowledge in their regions, and plans to entertain fishing fans all across the country with one of our four-hour regional events.

Come and join us, where you can learn from three great speakers, put your hands on proven fish catching gear, and fill up your belly with a meal on us!

See you soon!

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